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Abortion pills

The safest time to do abortion is between 2 to 12 weeks of pregnancy,there are 2 non surgical abortion methods,Manual Vacuum Aspiration and Medical Abortion (pills) is one of the safest abortion methods,No need of sharp instruments,electric suction.

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Abortion pills

 Pregnancy termination pills

The abortion experience is undergone in the privacy and comfort of your home or in the doctor,s room,you can feel cramping or nausea for some few minutes.

Pregnancy termination pills

Pregnancy termination

Our pregnancy termination pills are effective 98% of the time

After medical abortion a new menstrual cycle begins,you should have a regular period in 4 to 6 weeks after the abortion.

Legal Pregnancy Termination Services

Abortion or Pregnancy Termination is legal in South Africa. You do not need the permission of a parent or partner to terminate your pregnancy.

Only you can make the decision to end or continue your pregnancy. No one else can decide what’s best for you, but a trusted friend, family member, doctor, nurse, or counsellor can discuss all the options open to you and help you sort it out.

If you are pregnant and not sure about your options we offer non-judgmental and compassionate information and support about abortion, adoption, and parenting.

If you decide to terminate your pregnancy, the Dr Dineo Women Clinic is one of the best place to be for pregnancy termination in South Africa